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The Triangle Global Health Consortium (TGHC) mission is to establish North Carolina as an international center for research, training, education, advocacy and business dedicated to improving the health of the world’s communities. It seeks to engage academic, governmental, business and nonprofit organizations in this collaborative effort.

The signature programs offered by the Consortium and outlined below include knowledge-sharing events, student training and mentoring programs, clearing house resources and outreach activities which fall within the following broad categories:


  • Intellectual hub of global health information and resources: By operating as an intellectual global health hub in North Carolina, the Consortium gathers knowledge and resources and makes it accessible for those who can use it to save lives.
  • Facilitation of communication and information-exchange: In addition to serving as a central hub for resources and information, the Consortium also maximizes communication and information-exchange between global health professionals and institutions through regional and national meetings, workshops, lectures, and the world wide web—all focused on global health issues and advancements.
  • Education and workforce development: The Consortium works to support local area colleges and universities through student training and mentoring programs. In tandem, it promotes opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to become involved in service and research – both locally and globally. In this way, the Consortium is enhancing North Carolina’s ability to produce top quality health professionals, educators, researchers, innovators, policy makers and public health leaders.

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