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See below for some Frequently Asked Questions about the Global Health Case Competition

Who can participate in the case competition?

Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to compete. Teams must consist of four to six students, with at least three different disciplines represented on a team. For example, a team might include two medical students, an engineering student and two biology students. Students from Duke, NCSU or UNC can register to compete online.

Can I register as an individual or only as a team?

Every participant has the option to register either as an individual, a partial team, or a complete team. Students who register as an individual or partial team will be paired with other individual registrants to complete their team. All teams must abide by the criteria to ensure academic diversity.

Where will the case competition take place?

The case competition will take place at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, 15 T.W. Alexander Dr., Research Triangle Park, NC 27709.

Leading up to the final judging of the cases will be a number of on campus activities specific to each participating university.

What will be this year’s case topic?

The topic for this year’s case will be a secret until it is released the week of the competition, here. For a better understanding of what is entailed in a global health case competition, see past case topics here.

How will the winning team be decided?

For the first round of the competition, student teams will be randomly divided into three separate judging streams. Each  stream will run concurrently and comprise four judges. After the presentations are complete, the judges will convene to decide upon the best presentation from their stream. The three finalist teams will then have the opportunity to present to the larger group for a chance to win the grand prize.

What is the format of the team presentation?

Student teams will have 12 minutes to present their case, after which there will be 8 minutes of Q&A from the panel of judges. Timing will be strictly adhered to and controlled by a time keeper. All presentations will be in Microsoft PowerPoint format.

Where did the idea of a global health case competition come from?

In 2009, Emory University a global health case competition that has since expanded into a national competition. Read about their efforts here and a recent article about the benefits of global health case competitions here.


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